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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your marketing services cost?

We appreciate it’s a pain not having a simple price-list, the issue is, no two projects are ever the same, therefore it’s very hard for us to definitively say ‘[x] costs this’, so please let us know roughly what you’re looking for and we can quote you straight away.

What’s the difference between print and digital design?

In terms of style and the way in which we design, there’s no difference, it’s simply a technical difference in the dimensions and formats required for each type of printing, so it’s important for us to know whether it’s digital or print before commencing.

How does payment work?

We simply operate on a 50% deposit, 50% completion payment basis. So we will send across a deposit invoice which, once paid, confirms commencement of your project. Then once you’re happy with everything and signed-off, we send across the final invoice which, once paid, releases all assets over to you.

How long does it take to build a website?

Depending on the complexity of your website, we are usually able to build a website and have it live within one month. This is of course dependent on a few factors like the time it takes to get feedback and make changes, but one month is a good estimate.

How far do you travel for filming projects?

We operate our filming service internationally and therefore are happy to travel anywhere in the world. We undertake many international filming projects for clients so don’t worry if you need us to travel abroad, also we’re happy to travel anywhere in the UK.

Do you offer photography?

We don’t publicise it too much but we do in-fact offer photography as part of our filming service. So if we’re coming to film your project we can also offer photography alongside the videography to ensure the two styles match and can also provide lifestyle and headshot photoshoots if required.

We’re here to help simplify your marketing.

Our core value is that we want to create an all-encompassing marketing agency that allows our clients to have professional assets in all areas of marketing.

Kelvin Packham

Marketing Director

Marketing Agency in Ollerton Newark