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The Process

How we work.

When managing your social media accounts, we appreciate how much trust you are putting in us. This is why we will always begin with a friendly discussion about your business and what you’re looking to achieve on social media.

This then gives us a better idea of what type of social media account you are looking to run, or can advise on the best method if you’re unsure. We then become added as an ‘admin’ on your social media account(s) and take care of everything for you, creating and adding as many or as few statuses per week as you’ve chosen and provide you with a monthly report on levels of new follows, likes and shares etc.

Step 1 Consultation

Our initial conversation will be very informal and likely over a cup of coffee, or tea depending on your preference! We’re happy to discuss this over the phone, via video call or in-person, whatever is easiest for you. This insight allows us to get a better idea of your business and how it could benefit.

Step 2 Management

Knowing all about your business and what you’re looking to achieve, we will then manage your social media account(s) and create/post bespoke posts on your page(s) as dictated by how many you have chosen for us to post each week. These will be specific to your business and industry.

Step 3 Data Analysis

Each month we will send across a report on how well your posts and page are doing, consisting of new follows, likes, shares etc and look to tweak your social media depending on the reaction we’re gaining. We also recommend having a small advertising budget to help gain user impressions.

Our social media management guarantees

Entrusting another company with the ‘face’ of your business is a big decision and we don’t take that trust lightly! We ensure only quality posts that are bespoke to your business and industry for best results.

Bespoke Content

We will never just ‘copy and paste’ something from another page, everything is bespoke to your social media pages.

Login Security

Most times we don’t even need login details, but if we do they are safely stored in a securely encrypted area.


We monitor how well certain types of posts do and will always adapt our approach if something is working better.

Targeted Ads

All ad campaigns are designed specifically for your target market to ensure the best results for your investment.

The benefits of having your social media managed by us.

We know it can feel somewhat odd having someone else manage your social media, however there are plenty of reasons to pass this over to us:

  • Professionally managed social media accounts mean more users interacting with your page/posts which in-turn means more revenue generated. The more your posts are seen, the more your business is seen and the more enquiries/purchases you will gain.

  • Another main reason clients approach us to manage their social media is time. Once you try to run your own social media, you quickly realise how time consuming it is to constantly think up and create interesting posts. With us taking care of all the social media, you are immediately freed up of so much time to focus on more pressing areas of your business.

  • Customer ‘background checks’. The way in which customers buy online now has changed, before purchasing most customers will run their own ‘background check’ on the business to check they are real. The first place they look? Social media. If you haven’t posted for a couple of months, that looks very untrustworthy and therefore that customer is unlikely to buy. If it’s fully managed and all looking professional, you know every customer will be reassured from your social media that you’re real.

  • Stress reduction! Many of our clients simply couldn’t handle the stress of constantly needing to post and found themselves stressing out because they knew they needed to post regularly, but stressed so much about it they never ended up posting. We can take on that burden!

Get in touch.

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