Startup Business Marketing Package

Hit the ground running

Startup Marketing Package


We know the struggle of setting up a new business (we’ve been there!) and how important it is to present a professional image from the start. This is why we’ve created a bespoke packages for business startups to ensure you hit the ground running with all of your core marketing assets taken care of.

The fundamental marketing assets taken care of.

The services we provide within this package are logo & brand creation, web design, print design and social media account creation. The key aspect here is that we will create your ‘brand’. This is so important in building trust with your customers straight away and we ensure everything we design is bespoke to you and your business. We will discuss your ethos as well as how and why you do what you do, so that your brand matches everything. Leading on from the brand creation, each of the other assets compliments the brand, providing you with a professional image immediately.

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Logo & Brand

We will discuss with you what your business does and get an overall idea of your ethos to ensure we create a brand that perfectly match your business. We will choose specific colour schemes, font styles and design an array of logos for you to choose from.

Website Design

This includes a promotional 5-page website including:
1 x Homepage, 1 x About Page, 1 x Services Page, 1 x Blog Page and 1 x Contact Page. All our websites are professionally built with SEO standards adhered to for best chances of ranking highly.

Business Card

Having designed and created your new logo and brand we will then design your business card using the same style. This will encompass all the colours, font styles and designs as specified within your brand marketing guidelines.

Social Media

We will create 3 social media pages on the best platforms for your business. We will take care of everything for you, adding a profile image, professional cover image and inputting all of your information on to each chosen platform.

What’s Included?

There are 4 key aspects included within the package, these include your logo/brand creation, a 5-page promotional website, a business card design and 3 social media pages professionally listed. With these 4 assets taken care of, your business will look professional from the start.

We can of course add to, or tweak the package however you would like, but this will of course adjust the price. For example, in the past, some businesses have liked the package but needed a little more than just a 5-page promotional website, so we were able to adjust the package and price accordingly. So whatever you would like created, just let us know.

If there’s only one-or-two aspects you want from the package (just a logo and business card for example) then it’s best to get a quote separately as it’ll likely be cheaper than having all of these assets created butt we’ll let you know the best option once we know exactly what you’re looking for.

How it Works.

Our Startup Marketing Package encompasses a few different aspects and therefore can seem quite daunting at first, however we have simplified the process as much as possible and the entire project will be completed in 3 simple stages. We will, of course, help you every step of the way.

Step 1: Package Options

Firstly, we will have a friendly chat in person, over the phone or via video-call about all of the different marketing aspects, and gain a better understanding of your business. We usually like to know more about ‘why’ you do what you do as opposed to ‘what’ you do, since the ‘why’ sells your business much better and helps up create a bespoke brand for you.

Step 2: Project Creation

With all of the information gained during step 1, we will then start to create your logo and brand design. We design an array of logo ideas and colour schemes to choose from and once signed-off we then move onto your website build. This part takes the longest, and depending on the complexity of the site, usually takes around two weeks to complete. This will match your brand as designed previously.

Once the website is finished, we then create all of your social media pages and finish off by sending you the business card design.

Step 3: Amendments & Sign Off

Through each step of the way we will always ensure to check with your first before setting anything ‘live’. You will always have final say over the design and style of every aspect we create and allow you to have as many changes in one list as you would like at any stage.

This ensures you are gaining the most out of each aspect of your marketing and are happy with everything. Upon final completion of the project we then set everything ‘live’ and your business will be officially ‘out in the aether’ as they say!

Get in touch.

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