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The Process

How we work.

We always start with a consultation call to get a better idea of what you’re looking for and what sorts of features need to be incorporated into the website. We then use this information to create a bespoke quote with a rough idea of the style. We are very big on brand so will ensure all colour schemes, fonts and overall style are in-keeping with your logo and brand. From here we get to work and usually take approx 3 weeks to complete the first draft.

From here you can check over the website, make a list of any changes and we’ll then get to work taking care of these aspects. Upon final completion we make any final tweaks and set the website live. So from start to finish we usually take about a month to build a website.

Step 1 Consultation

We will always have an initial friendly discussion over the phone, in person or via video call, to get a better idea of the business and to find out exactly what features are required on your site. We are able to integrate as many or as few features as you need so please don’t be afraid to ask!

Step 2 Design

Once we begin building the, we will design the homepage first and get you to check you’re happy with the overall feel before moving any further, since this is the best time to let us know if there’s any glaring issues. Once that’s confirmed, we complete the initial website build in the same style.

Step 3 Completion

We then allow you to access the website and check everything. During this stage you can make a list of as many changes as you would like, from here we then take care of all those changes and get you to have a final check. Once you’re happy with everything, we set the website live!

Some of the clients we’ve created websites for:

Every website we build comes with

As a professional web design agency, we take all aspects of web development seriously. This s why we always ensure to “dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s” on every website we build.

Security SSL

We will never build a website unless it as an SSL Certificate installed to ensure upmost security for owners and users.


We build websites that abide by all of the latest search engine algorithms to ensure the best chance of ranking online.


All of our websites will work on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop or even a home television!

Account Access

We can grant you access to the admin panel of your website in order to make simple changes to your website.

The benefits of having your own website.

We’re sure you don’t need to hear this, but just in-case you’re wondering why you should, not just have a website, but have a professional website made by us!

  • If you’re not online already then you must have a website, customers always do their due-diligence before working with anyone and having a website is the best way to showcase your business.

  • Due to our websites always following the rules of SEO practices, many of our clients have found they rank incredible well in search engines once their site launched!

  • It’s likely at some point you’ll need to run online ads, which is great, bu if you don’t have anywhere to point the customer to then the ad falls a bit flat. Having a website allows you to direct customers from your ads to specific pages on your website with ease.

  • If you currently run a business which is selling items physically, then having an online shop just opens you up to an entirely new revenue stream that would have otherwise been impossible to target.

  • The way in which we build websites means you can add-on features as you go, so if your business develops over time then it’s much easier to add new pages and special features as you go.

  • Many of our clients worry that once we finish their website…that’s it! But this is not the case, we are always here to help and even allow you access to the admin panel in-case you ever need to make simple wording or image changes on your site, without having to pay us to do it.

Get in touch.

If you would like to have a friendly chat about any of our services then please feel free to contact us.

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