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We know how hard it can be to find the right marketing agency to work with, in all honesty, even the term ‘marketing agency’ has a bad connotation linked to it! That’s why we offer a much more personal approach to marketing and provide all our clients with every marketing service you could ever need, all under one roof. We want to save our clients time, so instead of scouring the internet for a range of different companies with different specialities, we can provide everything you’ll ever need right here.

Aether Digital is run by us, Kelvin Packham and Holly Jarrett. We are both business and life partners, each with different skillsets which compliment one another. (Many people we work with can’t understand how a couple can run a business together, but we promise it’s worked since 2009!) and we feel this setup compliments our style of work and allows us to provide a much more personalised service than many other companies out there. We’re not just a faceless corporation, we are Kelvin and Holly, owners of Aether Digital.

Our Values.

We believe the three cornerstones of marketing are web, graphics and video. With these three aspects combined your business will have everything it needs to succeed and this is why we offer all three under one roof. Aether Digital is a one-stop-shop for any marketing creation you need, so wether you just need one aspect or all three, we can provide you with a professional service in each professionalism.

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Our Method

How we work with you.

No matter what your project may be, we will work with you to achieve it. We will never just take your idea, run with it, then show you the results. We keep you informed every step of the way to ensure you are always in the loop and can make changes as we progress.

We will always listen closely to what you are looking to achieve and advise on the best methods available. There’s usually multiple ways to achieve one goal, some are cost-effective solutions, others are all ‘bells and whistles’ so we never work on the basis of one size fits all.

Just some of the companies we’ve had the privilege of working with.

Meet the Owners.

Here we are in all our ‘Memoji’ 3D glory!

Kelvin Packham


Holly Jarrett


Our Office.

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  • 31 Kingfisher Way,
    NG22 9DW

  • Office Hours: Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm

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Our Story

If you’ve made it this far then you may want to know a little more about our story as a business. Having both graduated from university, we both started our first company back in 2009, Aether Productions. This was a specialist video production company, but very quickly we were inundated with video clients going, “do you happen to also do websites and graphics and stuff?” and we had the skills, but not the right branding to achieve this on a large scale. So after a couple of years we rebranded as ‘Aether Digital’ and now work with a team of specialists in all the different fields we offer to our clients.

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