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The Process

How we work.

When undertaking a promotional video, we like to get to know as much as we can about the business and will plan a meeting to have a friendly chat. How did it start, what is its ethos, what does it do, what is its USP and how does it help customers. All these aspects help us know how to create you the perfect video to suit your brand.

From here we go away and take care of as much or as little as you would like us to, we can plan everything from locations to actors, but appreciate sometimes in-house employees like to take charge and that’s fine with us. Once planning has been taken care of, we will film your video and with our team of specialists, make your footage look great. We then edit the video along with music and titles then export the final version in whichever formats you need for use on any medium.

Step 1 Consultation

We always begin with a friendly chat about the business, this can be in person, over the phone or via video-call, whichever is easiest. We then get a much better idea about the business as a whole and the main purpose for the video. From here we begin planning the production from scripts to casting.

Step 2 Filming

We will arrive on the filming day(s) with as many crew members as required, for smaller production it’s usually 2 people, but for bigger productions we bring on as many crew as required. We only use broadcast-standard cameras and can film in HD or 4K, whichever you’d prefer for your output.

Step 3 Editing

Once filming is complete, we get to work editing all of the footage together, along with royalty-free music and bespoke titles that match your brand. Upon completion we can finalise the video in whichever format you require and can burn to DVD and Blu-Ray if needed.

Some of the clients we’ve created promo videos for:

Our promo video promise

We will always make your promo video bespoke to you and your business. We’ll never just have a set template that we copy/paste your footage into, everything we create is uniquely designed for your purpose.


Your promo video will be unique to your business, so there’ll never be another promo video out there quite like it.


We only use broadcast standard cameras and our team of professional cinemaographers will make your video look great.

Brand Match

We will always ensure that all colours and fonts etc used match your brand so people recognise the video instantly.

Any Format

Whether you need the video for TV, web or physically on DVD or Blu-Ray, we can finalise the video in any format required.

The benefits of having a professional promo video.

A professional promotional video is a great marketing and branding asset, no matter what sized business you run.

  • Showcase your business in the most immersive way possible. No other medium allows you to really sell your business in the way a promotional video can.
  • Look professional everywhere your business is listed! Whether it’s on your website, on a TV in reception, on a screen at events, or online via YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Once your video is created, you will have a serious marketing asset forevermore.
  • Increase your website’s SEO by utilising YouTube, integrated with your website, to increase traffic.

  • Once you have a copy of your video, they make perfect introductions at meetings, pitches or seminars to give everyone an insight into your business.
  • Advertisement! Don’t forget, once you have your video created, you can then use that wherever you want for the purpose of advertising your business, whether it’s online or on TV, make sure you pay to get the video out there and advertise your business.

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