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The Process

How we work.

We appreciate how personal your brand is to the business, especially if you’re the owner. So when designing a logo and brand for any company, whether you’re a startup or have been established a long-time,  we work with you to ensure the brand matches your business and its ethos.

We will always begin with a friendly chat about the business and then start to come up with ideas on how best to represent those aspects into a visual design. We then select 2 colour palettes and design a range of logos for you to choose from. Upon completion we supply the final design in a range of formats, including a vector so the logo can be infinitely scaled for use on any sized design. We also supply you with your own branding guidelines which outline the fonts, colours and logo variants used for future reference.

Step 1 Consultation

First and foremost, we like to speak with you in person, over the phone or via video call to have a friendly discussion about the business, what it does and what the overall ethos is. Only once we understand your business are we able to start formulating creative ideas on how to showcase it.

Step 2 Design

First off, we will select 2 different colour palettes and design a range of logos with different icons/fonts etc. Each logo will feature a bespoke icon and a font style that best suits the design. You can then choose which logo you like the most, request any changes and we finalise the design.

Step 3 Completion

Once the logo is finalised, we then supply you with the logo in both icon and title variations, in a range of formats. We also then provide your branding guidelines, which list the fonts, colours and logo variants so you can use these throughout all future design work to reinforce the brand image.

Some of the clients we’ve created branding for:

We promise your logo and brand will be

Every business that approaches us for a new logo/brand is unique, and therefore we approach the design of each brand completely differently. We listen carefully about your business to ensure we provide you with a brand that suits it perfectly.


Every logo/brand we create is bespoke to you alone. No two designs are ever the same, they’re unique to you.


Whatever style you prefer, all our logos are created by professional and talented graphic designers.


We always design logos in vectors so the logo is infinitely scalable for use on any-sized print or design.

Future Proof

Your branding guidelines help you match the brand style in all future work, whether it’s on the website, social or graphics.

The benefits of having a professional logo and brand.

Logos and branding are one of those aspects that should always be done by a professional to ensure best quality and unique style.

  • Always look professional whenever any potential customer sees your business.
  • Have a unique logo so people recognise your business immediately.

  • A professional vector-based logo means you can scale your logo to any size for future printing and design work.
  • Once you have your logo, ensure you put it on every piece of marketing to reinforce your brand image.
  • A bespoke colour palette and fonts style makes all future designs match easily.

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