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The Process

How we work.

Graphic design is such a vast area, therefore defining how we work can be a little tricky since each type of design is approached slightly differently, but on the whole we usually work as follows.

We will gain as much information from you to get an idea of the style of graphic you are looking to create. We are even happy for you to send across another design you like so we can get an idea of what you’re looking for. We are happy to help with wording, or take your guidance on any text, then using your logo/brand colours and overall style, we create a design that matches your look so that it works perfectly alongside your business.

Step 1 Information

The first step is simply a case of us checking with you via email, telephone or video call as to what sort of digital design you’re looking for. We’ll discuss what message you want to portray and get a copy of your logo and branding guidelines if you have any to ensure it fits your image.

Step 2 Design

With all of the information gained, we’ll then get to work creating your design. Depending on exactly what graphic we’re making for you will dictate how long a time-frame we’re looking at, but most simple designs can be achieved in a single day. Bigger projects such as online brochures etc take much longer.

Step 3 Completion

Once we have the initial design completed, we will send it across for you to proof. Here, you can make any changes you would like and we’ll then get those taken care of. We’ll send one last final version to proof, make any final tweaks if required and then send across the final version in a range of formats.

Some of the clients we’ve created digital designs for:

All digital design, we ensure

We know finding a graphic designer can be tricky, especially finding one that suits your style! That’s why our team of talented designers always ensure to match the design style you’re looking for.

Bespoke Designs

We will always create your digital designs from scratch, so they’re bespoke to you and there’s never copyright issues.


If you need us to write the design content for you then we have a professional copywriting team, so you’re in safe hands!

Different Formats

No matter what format you need the final file in, we will take care of it. We cater and supply all types of file formats.


We will always send the initial design for you to proof and make any alterations you request, big or small.

The benefits of professional digital design.

Many people think anyone can design graphics, which in essence is true, but nothing compares to having a professional designer create your digital designs.

  • Our designers will create you a bespoke design, unlike anything else online so you know each design is personal to you and your brand.
  • We always create designs that match the style of your branding, this means the same colour palettes, font styles and overall style to ensure the designs look like they belong.
  • If you have a specific style you like then we’re happy to adapt a similar style to ensure you get the design you want. We will never outright copy another design, but are happy to take inspiration from elsewhere.
  • The key benefit of having bespoke designs is you never have to worry about copyright infringement. Many people will just copy and paste someone else’s work with their own logo/text over the top, which is actually a breach of copyright law. So having your own bespoke designs gives you added peace of mind.

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