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First and foremost…what the heck is SEO? Many of our clients come to us saying “we know we need SEO, but we don’t know what it is!” which is a completely valid point, it’s one of those ‘buzz words’ you hear in the digital world that not everyone knows or understands. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and is quite simply the method of making your website rank highly in search engines for specific keywords/terms that people search for. So if you’re a bakery in Newark, then it’s likely you’ll want to rank highly in search engines for the term ‘bakery in Newark’. Here is where we come in!

We will select the best keywords and terms to rank your website for, sometimes just finding the right phrase can be tricky. From here, we develop a focused SEO page for that specific term, build links to that page and then monitor the analytics on how well that page has done in terms of where it now ranks.

Step 1 Keyword Selection

The first task is to find the best search term/keywords to rank your website for. We will study a range of search terms, see what sort of volume they gain, check how much competition there is for that term weighed up against your domain authority and base our choice on these findings.

Step 2 SEO & Link Building

Once the term as been selected, we then get to work researching that term and write as much wording as needed about that subject. We then design a dedicated SEO page for that term on your website which includes all of our bespoke wording. Once live, we then build links to the site.

Step 3 Data & Analytics Monitoring

The SEO page going ‘live’ isn’t the end of the story here. The page then has to be found by Google, Yahoo and Bing’s search engines, which then use algorithms to dictate where that page will rank. Sometimes this can take a while so we then monitor the page and amend as required.

Here’s some of the clients we’ve carried out SEO work for:

Every SEO client can be assured

Whether you have a massive website with hundreds of pages or a new startup website with minimal pages, we treat every SEO client equally and focus on the right terms for the client.

Professional Copywriting

Our team of copywriters will always fully research and write original content for every search term we target.

Algorithm Adherence

We always adhere to the latest search engine algorithm updates to ensure you are not penalised for misconduct.

Best SEO Terms

We will always choose the right term for the right site, if you’re a new site then we won’t go after big national terms.

Quality Web Design

We will always design your SEO pages in the exact same style as the rest of the website so it’s in-keeping.

The benefits of having SEO.

SEO isn’t just something you have for the sake of it, many of our clients have thrived purely off the back of having SEO on their website.

  • The biggest reason to have SEO on your website is that it increases traffic to your website, which in-turn generates more revenue. That’s the bottom line of SEO. Get more people on your website then get more people buying your product or service. It’s simply a numbers game, the more people on your website, the higher your chances are of gaining a new customer, no matter what industry you’re in.

  • The simple fact is, the majority of users online only ever click the top 3 search results when they’re on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Approx 28% of users click the 1st result in search engines, 15% click the 2nd and 11% click the third result. The percentages just diminishes from there. So it’s imperative to have your website rank in the top 3 results in search engines to stand a chance of being clicked.

  • As standard we always build our client website’s with SEO intact, but sometimes clients come to us having had a website made elsewhere with no SEO built-in and so we can quickly correct that and implement SEO immediately to get you appearing in search engines.

  • As you branch further out into new areas of search terms, you’ll quickly start to attract new clientele you would never have thought of. This usually comes through information blog articles, but if you have a piece of advice on your website, the likelihood is that person who found the information useful is going to look through your website, and again, is likely going to use your service or buy your product. So the more content you have the better the chance for gaining new clientele.

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