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Video Editing Service in Newark

The Process

How we work.

We can provide editing for videos of any sort, whether they’re promotional, educational, explainers or…well, anything really!

The first step is to always discuss your project with you and really find out what the final output of the video is for and, most importantly, determine its purpose. Only once we know why the video being made, can we tailor its style to ensure we make the video ‘feel’ right. For example, if your video is an advert that needs to excite your audience, then that would be a very different type of video edit to one that is an ‘explainer video’ and needs to educate the audience on how to do something. So we always ensure we know the final outcome before starting to edit your video. Once complete, we will then provide you with the final video in any format you require.

Step 1 Consultation

Firstly, we just need a friendly chat about your video’s final output and its purpose for being made, ie. what do you want this video to achieve? Do you need to inspire your audience? Do you need to explain a process step-by-step? Only once we know the videos purpose can we begin.

Step 2 Edit

We will then gather all of your footage, whether that’s been filmed by us or you’re providing us with the footage, and get to work! The first step of editing is selecting the best clips, then we edit those together into a entertaining sequence and finally add music and titles.

Step 3 Exporting

We then send you the first draft of the video to check you’re happy, at this stage you can let us know any changes you want made. We then finalise the video with your changes made and export the video in whichever formats you need and send them for you to download, or via post if on DVD.

Some of the clients we’ve recently edited videos for:

Our video editing provides

We create each and every video with a completely unique style, so you can rest assured your video will be unique to you and your business.

Industry Software

We only edit on industry-standard software to ensure your video is professional and can be in any format required.

Any Format

Whatever format you require your final video to be in, we can provide you with it. We can even burn to DVD or Blu-Ray.

Royalty-Free Music

Unless discussed otherwise, we will always use royalty-free music to ensure your video can be used anywhere.

Voiceover Artists

If your video needs a voiceover then we work with a talented group of artists with different voice styles to suit any video.

The benefits of having a professional video edit.

We are under no illusions to the fact that anyone can download free editing software and make a video. But having a professional video edit provides something special.

  • Have your video created in a way that ensures your audience emotes in the correct way. Whether you want viewers to be inspired, excited, melancholy or informed, we know the best editing methods to make audiences feel the right way.

  • Impress your clients with a professional video edit that matches your entire brand by using titles, fonts and colour schemes that match your logo and brand identity.
  • Need your video for social media? We know the exact dimensions and durations for each social media platform and can edit your videos for specific channels.
  • Never worry about your video being taken down due to copyright infringement. We only ever use copyright-free music to ensure your video can be played anywhere.
  • Make your video stand out with one of our talented voiceover artists for narrations.

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