Have you ever scoured the internet high and low but never been able to find the direct contact details when you have an issue with your Facebook business page or ads? Yep, me too.

So here it is, the holy grail for help if you’re ever struggling with anything related to Facebook Business pages or ads. If you’re in a rush then quite simply, you need to go here and navigate your way through the options – https://www.facebook.com/business/help/support/get-help –  but if you want a little more guidance then read on my friend!

Step 1

Simply visit the link here – https://www.facebook.com/business/help/support/get-help – and choose which asset you need help with. If it’s specifically an Ad, don’t choose the page that relates to the ad, instead choose your ‘Ad Account’ option. If it’s specifically an issue with the page itself, then be sure to choose the relevant page.

Step 1 - Go to Site

Step 2

Select whichever option applies to you, or just the ‘Other [x]’ Option if none apply.

Step 2 - Select Issue

Step 3

A new screen appears which pre-populates your details, you then just need to input your issue into the ‘Please provide information that will help us investigate’ box and it also gives you the option to upload a file to help the support team with your issue. Once you’re ready, click ‘Start Chat’.

Step 3 - Write Message

Step 4

This will then open up Facebook Messenger and you’ll be on a live chat with ‘Facebook Business Support’. At this stage, don’t fret when you are faced with something of a blank screen (where there’s no message yet) as this is just temporary whilst it connects you to an advisor. So resist the urge to type anything else here as they will already have the message you typed in step 3, you just can’t see it here, which feels a little odd, but trust me – remain patient and eventually an advisor will popup and start the chat, then it’s over to you!

Step 4 - Facebook Messenger

And that’s it! Once you’ve followed those 4 steps you’ll be on a direct chat with Facebook Business Support who’ll be able to help with your issue. We’ve contacted them a few times and they’ve always been really helpful and friendly.

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