We know there are many people out there struggling to get rid of a single account within the Instagram Application where you are able to choose ‘log out’ but the account still remains within your App – this is an extremely common issue so you are not alone! This is annoying because you have either reached the maximum allowable account limit and need to clear up some space or simply because you want to stop getting notifications from a specific account. Either way, here is a simple guide on how to remove an instagram account from your mobile application.


Before we get started we thought for those of you out there who are competent within Instagram and want to skip all of the long-winded explanations of each step then these are the simple steps you need to follow in order to fully remove an account from your Instagram App. Before doing these steps, please ensure you are on the profile of the specific account you wish to remove:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Click ‘Security’
  3. Click ‘Saved login information’
  4. Turn OFF ‘Saved login information’ (and choose ‘Remove’ on additional popup)
  5. Go to ‘Settings’, scroll down and select ‘Log Out’ (then click ‘Log Out’ twice more on the following 2 popups)

Step 1: Go to Settings

As user experience design goes, even this is quite a tricky area to find within the app!

Firstly ensure you are in the profile section of the account you want to remove. This can be done by clicking the icon in the bottom right of the app, then click the top right menu icon (three lines) and finally click the bottom right ‘Settings’ button from the pop-out menu.


Step 2: Click ‘Security’

Once in the Setting menu, locate and click on ‘Security’.


Step 3: Click ‘Saved login information’

With the ‘Security’ menu now open, click ‘Saved login information’


Step 4: Turn OFF ‘Saved login information’

You’ll now see a simple on/off button tab – please make sure the ‘Saved login information’ is turned OFF (‘greyed out’ like the image below).

Once you turn this option OFF you’ll have a popup appear asking ‘Remove login information?’ – choose ‘Remove’.


Step 5: Log Out of Account

Once you have turned ‘Saved login information’ OFF you then just need to go and logout of this specific account.

So again, go back into the account’s settings menu (as shown in step 1) then once inside, scroll down to the bottom of this menu (yes, annoyingly on most mobile devices this section is hidden – typical!) and click ‘Log Out’.

All of your linked Instagram Accounts will then popup from the bottom of the screen (please note for data-protection we have blurred out the accounts in the image below, yours will actually show all your accounts listed clearly) the system will automatically highlight the account you want to remove so simply press ‘Log Out’ at this stage.

Finally, it will as ‘Log out of [your account name]’ – just click ‘Log Out’.


Once you have followed all of those steps you’ll now see that the account has been completely removed from your list of accounts so you can add another account if you need to or relax in the knowledge that you no longer have that account on your app any more. It’s also worth noting at this stage that should you ever want to re-add the account you just need to login as normal again.

We’re not sure why the Instagram UX designers have made this such a complicated task but as long as you follow those simple steps you’ll now have removed an account from the Instagram App.

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