This blog is really written with the first-time graphic designer in mind or for someone who is just trying to make a design they’re creating look a little more professional or funky.

When looking at different styles of graphics and designs, you’ll of course notice that font styles are SO important when trying to capture the right ‘feel’ for your design. So when people see some of the work we create, many of them ask “where did you get that font? That’s definitely not a preset option on my computer’s list of fonts?”

Well ladies and gents I’m here to let you know my top websites to download fonts from that will allow you to create much better looking designs for your work. This is especially helpful for those of you studying creative media courses at University or College and want to make you’re work look a little better. I haven’t been paid etc to publicise these websites, this is purely written from personal experience of using font websites and using them to create graphics with, for both video and design.

As soon as you download and install a font to your computer (each site has a ‘how to’ guide) you’ll automatically be able to use that font on any program you wish, whether that’s word, excel, Photoshop or even video editing software to make your video titles look cool. With any of these websites please be aware to keep an eye out for the ‘terms of use’ associated with each font. Some are fine for commercial use, some are fine for personal/coursework use and others you’ll need to credit the author when using them.



The original font site – thousands of options, can be a bit ‘hit and miss’

This is the most classic website for downloading free fonts online. It can be quite hit and miss and sometimes feels like a ‘bargain store’ where you’ll either find a diamond in the rough or just get bored since you can’t find the right thing you’re looking for.


Font Squirrel

Specially chosen fonts for professional looking designs

This is a very precise place to download specifically chosen fonts for graphic and web deisgners so you’re always guaranteed professional, corporate looking font styles here. Most of their fonts are pretty ‘clean’ however so if you are looking for something really whacky and ‘out there’ then DaFont is probably a better choice.


Font Fabric

Contemporary style fonts for ‘on-trend’ designs

This is a nice ‘indie’ type of font site which is a small design team who want to make cool and accessible fonts for everyone to use, both personally and commercially. The site itself looks great and the fonts they create are always ‘on-trend’ so if you’re looking to create something with a contemporary feel, this is the place to go!



High-Quality style fonts from top Adobe Authors

This is a very professional type of font site since it’s run by Adobe so you’re guaranteed high quality font styles. One thing to note on this site is that it’s really meant to be a platform for pro authors to present their works so you may sometimes click a font style only to find you can’t actually download it, so bear that in mind.


My Fonts

Paid for fonts that give you total autonomy

I’ve left this for last since it’s the only one on my list which you have to pay for each font style. This of course means super professional font styles, guaranteed to work on all programs and because you’ve bought the font you have all the commercial rights you need to use these on any project. This site really is for those of you who are stepping up to the next level or have a client wanting their own brand design with font style included. It’s targeting a slightly different market to who I am writing this blog for but just so you can see there are alternative options out there should you need them.


And they are my top 5 font download websites to use for any graphic design work.

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